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Repairs & Service


Repair terms & conditions:

Turnaround times may vary depending on the nature of the repair and availability of parts etc….

A 2-3 week estimate is placed on all repairs but it could exceed this depending on circumstance or it could be sooner.

  • We endeavour to provide an accurate repair estimate, based on our initial findings and taking into account your description of the fault.

  • The repair estimate is not binding and We reserve the right to re-estimate if further faults are found during repair

  • Once estimate is accepted, either via written or verbal communication; you are entering into a binding, contractual agreement to honour and pay all costs quoted within the estimate.

  • Any dates quoted by us for completion of repair work, or replacement are approximate and we shall not be liable for any loss whatsoever resulting from failure to meet such dates.

  • In some cases the parts required to complete your repair may have to be sourced or maybe difficult to obtain which may result in delays in the completion of your repair. You will be notified of any problems.

  • Loan units are only available for an additional charge of €50, unless you have purchased the lights from us in the last 2 years, in which case we will endeavour to loan you an equivelant lighting unit for the duration of your repair.

  • The cost of the loan light is to be paid when the light is left into us for repair along with a fixed estimate charge of €70 per light.

  • Freight and shipping costs are not included in this estimate and will be added to the final repair invoice

  • After a quote has been submitted you have 30 days to accept or decline the estimate.

  • After we receive the returned, repair you have 30 days to pay in full the outstanding balance owed, if you fail to do so there will be a 25% late payment charge added to your repair bill.

  • If you fail to collect your repair after a 3 month period we retain the rights to regain the costs of your repair and do not hold any responsibility for them after this period. DML shall be liable only to the value of repairs carried out and no liability is accepted for any consequential loss.

  • Goods remaining unpaid for and uncollected after 3 months may be sold to recover our costs in accordance with the provisions of the Interference with Goods Act 1977.

  • If you send us a light to be repaired then we will e-mail you with our terms and conditions to be responded to with your acceptance before any inspection is made.

I have read and understand these terms and conditions


Bowens Lighting Head Guide:

 Certain lights of a certain age may or may not be repairable by our service technitions, please refer to age guide of lights below:

Mono, 200/ 400 1973-1977 NO PARTS AVAILABLE (NPA)

Mono, E and D  1977-1983 (NPA)

Mono, Bronze, Silver, and Gold  1983-1989 (NPA)

Mono traveller, 1987-1994 (NPA)

Prolite, 1989-1994 (NPA)

Esprit 1, 1994-2000 (NPA)

Esprit 2, 2000-2004 (the 1000 /1500 ) SOME PARTS AVAILABLE

Esprit Digital 750, 2001-2009 PARTS AVAILABLE

Gemini, 2004- 2008 PARTS AVAILABLE

Gemini, R and pro 2008-current  PARTS AVAILABLE


Quad 2000, 1974-1981 (NPA)

Quad 2002, 1979-1981 (NPA)

Quadmatic, 1984, 1990 (NPA)

Traveller G, 1989-1994 (NPA)

Estime, 1994-1997 (NPA)

Equipe, 1997-2000 (NPA)

Duo, 2000-2003 (NPA)

Quad 2400-2014/5 PARTS AVAILABLE




Estimate Charge (on site) €35 + vat (we may be able to asses or even fix your light on site)

Estimate Charge (off site) €70 + vat (if we can't determine the fault, then your light will be sent out for assesment)

Fitting Cost of spare parts ie: flash tube (on site) €15 + vat

Fixed repair charge for service, cleaning, labour and parts fitted €200 + vat

main circuit boards, PCB replacement, Power boards, capacitors & controllers €100 in addition to fixed repair charge.

We will inform you if we believe the light to be beyond ecconomical repair and if we believe a replacement to be the best option.

All repairs come with a three month guarentee

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Terms and Conditions
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