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SKU: 3034214
The Hasselblad CFV-39 digital back provides seamless integration between your existing Hasselblad V camera and the digital domain, maintaining both form and function along the way. More details...
Price: Ä12,718.00
Price inc. VAT
Price without VAT: Ä10,339.84
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Product Details

Digital Workhorse

The Hasselblad CFV-39 is custom designed to match the appearance and functionality of the Hasselblad V System cameras.

Using a 39 megapixel sensor twice the size of full frame 35mm DSLRs, the CFV-39 provides the ultimate in digital integration and image quality for all the classic Hasselblad V System cameras and lenses and turns your existing camera into a modern digital workhorse.

Advanced Digital Solutions

Inside the Hasselblad CFV-39, lies some of the most cutting edge digital technology on the market, such as tools for powerful digital workflow control using Hasselbladís Instant Approval Architecture (IAA)

Other advanced features include Hasselbladís Natural Color Solution and 3F RAW file format, a choice between tethered or untethered shooting, as well as compatibility with view cameras using an interface plate.

Digital lens correction for Carl Zeiss lenses

With the CFV-39, Phocus adds digital lens correction for the V system lenses providing a new level of image quality.

Square and rectangular image format

The CFV-39 offers the choice of shooting to the classic and loved square format giving 29 megapixel images and the full rectangular format giving 39 megapixel images.

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