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The Tallyn Series Laptop Deck is designed for digital studio photographers who want to have their laptop as close at hand as their camera. This product is essentially a tripod head with a 3/8" thread that mounts directly to any Tripod (with detachable head) or Studio Titan Camera Stand, shown below, (Image A) note: Items sold separately)
The Deck features an incredibly secure mount with an external locking bolt to provide added stability. The sturdy ball head allows for a full range of mounting angles and the adjustable brackets allow the Laptop Deck to support laptops up to 17" wide and up to 8 lbs in weight (also includes a 'hook and loop' fabric strap for additional security).
Shown is the Tallyn Series Laptop Deck mounted directly to a tripod. The locking bolt above the head plate is shown lowered and secured creating an incredibly stable platform for your laptop. The large locking bolt for the ball head is easily accessed for adjusting the mounting angle without difficulty. The two adjustable brackets in front can be adjusted for laptops between 7.75" and 11" deep. The rear adjustable brackets can be easily moved among any two of the three mounting points on the rear to keep ports from being obstructed.
Shown with our Studio Titan Camera Stand (Image B below) the Tallyn Series Laptop Deck provides an all-in-one studio solution for tethered shooting. This setup requires no additional hardware to mount the Tallyn Series Laptop Deck.
Price: 99.00
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Price without VAT: 80.49
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